The year is 1861. South Carolina has seceded. Recently inaugurated President Abraham Lincoln has issued a call to 75,000 volunteers after the Union surrender of Fort Sumter. The first military action of the American Civil War has prompted waves of Southern valor to form enthusiastic regiments in the Confederacy.  Their anti-Union excitement has elicited some creativity in their naming schema. Now I don’t know if they’re fighting for their peculiar institution or planning to ride the rails with their newly formed bluegrass band.


YOU CHOOSE: the Southern Gentlemen from the banjo-pickin’-hoot’n’holler’n-not so-1861-bluegrass troubadours.



#1 Possum Trotters

#2 Tallapoosa Thrashers

#3 Racoon Roughs

#4 Dixie Wind

#5 Cumberland Plough Boys

#6 Baker Fire Eaters

#7 Grand Prairie Boys

#8 Lady’s Dragoons

#9 The Road Warriors

#10 Dixie Heros



Congratulations! You’re either a banjo-pickin’ junkie or one of those odd-ball history buffs. Let’s grab a brew and catch a live re-enactment.

Good job, you have a healthy knowledge on both of these subjects. Hope you can incorporate this awesome and not-so-applicable-knowledge into your day today. Cheerio!

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