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For my blog, I want to bring my love of Phoenix to you. Phoenix is a young “Big City”, but it’s growing and learning fast through restaurants, local shops, programs, art, writing, and so much more. When you visit my blog, you’ll have a chance to see what I have found on my own excursions. What impressed me, what was a little disappointing, what was exciting and new, and what was old, but still as solid as it was when they first started.

I also have a big passion for creating and “doing it yourself.” My most used word as a kid was “myself” because I was determined to do everything on my own. On the blog you can expect to learn some DIY projects, whether it be how to make a woven rug from old fabric or the basics in bike maintenance.

In addition to our own blogs, My So Called Thing writer, Holly Smith, and myself will be dishing out recipes for you all to try and enjoy. We’ll create our recipes keeping all skill sets and taste buds in mind.

I am so excited and honored to be part of this collaborative project. I can’t wait to get feedback from you all and share my life with you.

Hope you stop in regularly!

Mollie Heiden

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Mollie calls sunny Arizona her home. An ideal day for her would involve long walks, good food, learning something new, snuggles with her cat, making something with her hands, and more good food. Give her chai tea and she'll be your friend forever.

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