In all seriousness, I’m just your normal 24-year-old dude with a lot of opinions. As a doctoral student in a medical field I believe in evidence-based research and the advancement of technology through scientific discovery. As a Christian I believe in the love and grace of Jesus Christ and the positive impact that can have on a hurting world. I do not believe that those two beliefs come in conflict with each other.

As mentioned before I also love sports. I’m a huge fan of the Arizona State Sun Devils and the Phoenix Suns, usually to a fault. I also enjoy playing pick-up basketball when I can and have been recently working on my trash talking game. My other passions include good sandwiches, Kanye West, political scandal, shows about political scandal, making the perfect burrito, playing with my Saint Bernard puppy, and living life with my fiancé and best friend, Grace.

So why did I call my blog “The Booth”? Good question. The first reason is the obvious word play with my name being “D.J.” and “DJ” being the abbreviation for “disc jockey” and disc jockeys doing their work in booths and blah, blah, blah. The main reason however is that I have had some of the best conversations over a wide range of topics with some of my closest friends in booths over the years and I want to bring that feel to this blog. I don’t just want a soliloquy: I want a dialogue. I value everyone’s opinions on the matters I bring up, even if they are the polar opposite of my own. And that is why my blog is called “The Booth”.

So everybody scoot in real close. This is going to get cozy.

Published by DJ Riley

D.J. Riley is a doctoral student of physical therapy who dabbles in sports, music, politics, and religion. When D.J. is not agonizing over a Suns game he can be found reading about rehab medicine, listening to Kanye West, or watching a plethora of great Netflix shows with his beautiful fiancé, Grace.

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