Thankfully, in a blogging context, my topics should not become too repetitive as my interests vary greatly. Sports, music, and food are my core interests but I also enjoy discussing politics, technology, and nature. Specifically, I root for the Pittsburgh Steelers and Phoenix Suns, listen to most any type of music (though I have a soft spot for hip-hop) and love any food that isn’t too sweet.

You’ll find I believe that anything worth contemplating is worth contemplating with others, so I hope to get a great deal of reader input throughout the blogging process. This means that I will be pushing to hold open debates on any number of topics, with the intent of fostering community and advancing our topical knowledge.

Being that I live in Phoenix, most of my content will be written through the city’s unique lens. Still, I travel enough to keep things interesting, and the city is so large that it should provide more than enough canvas to work with.

My first blog post on the Phoenix Suns should be up soon, so keep on the lookout.


Published by Sam Williams

Sam is a natural born contrarian. He knows that's annoying, but believes that it sparks good discussion. For him the Pittsburgh Steelers are everything and NAS is the king of Hip Hop. He reminds you to always toast with tequila!

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